White Door Theater in Santorini

Performance Time


The Greek Wedding Show has an entrance of 55€ per person, including a selection of greek mezedes and local wine. The performance is day-to-day at 21:00 during May, September and October. From June, July and August, our daily show begins at 21:30.



Due to these difficult times that we are all going through, we want to make sure that your experience with us is both unique and safe. That is why some changes to the program may occur.


Telephone:(0030) 2286021770

Viber/Whatsapp:0030 6981971372




21:00 – 22:45


Ticket Purchase Policy

The White Door Theatro is only obligated to guarantee reservations and assigned seats under pre-payment confirmation. You must review your booking selection before submitting and confirm your order and agree to pay the full cost of your tickets, including any applicable taxes or other fees your company’s card might request from you.

Once your order is confirmed and your payment completed, you will receive an email/voucher confirmation of your reservation. Payment vouchers will only be processed after billing information is verified. If, for any reason, you do not receive a confirmation of payment, you must contact The White Door Theatro directly to confirm if your order has been properly processed.

Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds once a ticket has been purchased.  Exchange dates on purchased tickets will be considered under availability. The White Door Theatro may either exchange or refund a ticket in case of Postponed/ Cancelled show.

There is no cancellation in case of rain. The theater has another “indoor show”, organized and prepared. Regarding this matter, we guarantee that we work, under the real capacity, in order to assure our guest a comfortable and great experience.